Královská mateřská škola a základní škola, s.r.o.(Royal kindergarten and primary school Ltd.) Establishment address: Rajmonova 4/1199, Praha 8 – Kobylisy, 182 00Building for 1GR – 5GR: Trojská 218/92, Praha 7 – Troja, 171 00Building for 6GR and above: Svídnická 506/1, Praha 8VAT number in Czech (IČO): 241 36 786Bank account: Raiffeisen bank  111 99 111 […]

Tuition information

If you are interested in a complete current price list, feel free to write a request using the following form: Send me the current price list

Application for enrollment for school year 2019/2020

We still accept new pupils for this school year !!! Are you dissatisfied with teaching your children? Or are you relocated looking for a school for your child? Contact our director Mgr. Monika Windsor about the possibility of placing your child in our private Czech – English elementary school in Prague Troja. Just fill out […]


From what year of age do you accept children in your primary school?We accept children who have reached 6 years of age before entering 1st grade. What is the capacity of the school and classes?Our school will gradually open Grade 1 – Grade 9. The capacity of each class is 20 pupils. What are the […]

School advantages

Own educational materials in Czech and English. Low class size. Paired Teaching – Czech and English teachers are teaching together. Math – special teaching materials and methods. Thematic lessons, short and long term projects – project schools in nature. learning in context. Step by Step method – projects, special teaching materials. Communication in Czech and […]

Lesson plan

Subject Number of lessons per week Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Czech language and Literacy * 8 8 7 6 6 English ** 3 3 4 4 4 Math 2*/2*** 2*/2*** 2*/3*** 2*/3*** 2*/3*** World in context = ICT, SESE (Social, Environmental and Scientific Education), Music, Art & Craft 2*/3*** […]

Students profile

Our school focuses on the overall development of the child’s personality, including social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. Our student: Searches and discovers Is inquisitive, persistent in finding solutions, likes to learn new things Understands things in context, learns to learn Is thinking critically, is motivated to develop himself Is thinking critically, thinking about received […]

Dual language teaching

Bilingual education is a method of teaching where the student is taught two languages during the same lesson. Dual language teaching combines the official language of the country and a second language, native or international. There are several methods for teaching a second language. We are all familiar with the state school approach where foreign […]

About our private primary school

The project of the bilingual private primary school was founded on the basis of our experience with bilingual education of preschool children at the Royal Kindergarten in Prague Kobylisy. Based on the numerous wishes of the parents of the children of our kindergarten, we decided to create a follow-up study of bilingual primary education. For […]

Next open day May 12,2020. The exact time of the visit must be agreed.