Students profile

Our school focuses on the overall development of the child’s personality, including social, physical, emotional and cultural needs.

Our student:

  • Searches and discovers
  • Is inquisitive, persistent in finding solutions, likes to learn new things
  • Understands things in context, learns to learn
  • Is thinking critically, is motivated to develop himself
  • Is thinking critically, thinking about received information, can see things from diferent perspectives, decides within solving specific problems, makes practical use of knowledge
  • Confidently expresses his thoughts, can listen to others, learns reflection and self-reflection, is not afraid to express the ideas, opinions, attitudes in which she/he believes, finds new solutions and is not afraid to enforce them
  • Can work with mistakes, accepts new and unknown situations confidently
  • Has moral values, is honest, has a sense for fairplay, is caring, sensitive to the needs of others, is empathetic, is open-minded, respects opinions, traditions and values


Open days

Dear Parents, for your numerous wishes to visit our private elementary school, we have prepared open days where you can learn more about the functioning

Nearest open day: 
March 17 th, 2020