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Elementary education: your child's stepping stone to success.

At our elementary school, we use many years of experience with bilingual education. We combine effective pedagogical methods and innovative approaches to education.

Královská základní škola v Praze Troji, soukromá základní škola s bilingvní výukou v českém a anglickém jazyce.
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Královské školy - soukromá mateřská škola, soukromá základní škola a soukromá střední škola.

Royal schools concept

Our comprehensive education system includes kindergarten, primary and high school. We prepare pupils for communication in two languages, from the youngest age to adulthood.

The Royal Schools system is a unique educational complex providing continuing education from kindergarten to high school. We are a school that emphasizes bilingual communication and prepares our students for an exceptional ability to understand and communicate in Czech and English.