The Royal Elementary School team

Mgr. Windsor Monika - Director of the Royal Primary School, Czech teacher for 1.B and 3rd Grade

Monika has years of experience in leading an international private education team. In the past, she participated in the creation and implementation of projects in the field of education. Her task is to co-create a school that children, teachers and other employees will enjoy. Her philosophy is “open door” for everyone. She is looking forward to leading the team as well as to the teaching itself. She will support any meaningful idea, she will be happy to participate in the preparation of projects for children and parents, she is looking forward to frequent contact with parents.

During her professional practice, she attended a variety of courses and training programs in the areas of communication, negotiation, leadership and team motivation and personnel management. She likes to create something new, and there is the best opportunity among children. They strive to promote children’s natural curiosity and independence because they think that the best life teacher is their own experience. Within her long-term practice she organized charity events, camps, project schools in nature, workshops.

In her free time, she enjoys family (her 3 children), sports such as skiing, snowboarding, MTB cycling and hiking. She likes to read a good book, play a guitar or go to the theater. She enjoys working with a team of motivated employees and professionals.

Completed courses:

  • Summer School of Hajný method teaching of  Mathematics
  • Respect and be respected course
  • First aid course for school children
  • Workshop School by Play – topics for Czech language and mathematics lessons in the first grade
  • Seminar Effective use of interactive whiteboards in primary school education
  • Reading literacy course
  • Workshop Mindfulness Techniques for Teachers
  • Seminar Ideas and activities supporting the development of reading
  • Seminar Prevention of injuries in children of younger and older school age
  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • Personal coaching


Clements Stewe učitel základní školy AJ

Clements Steve - Deputy director of the Royal Primary School, Head of English Studies, English teacher for 5th Grade

I am native English, born and raised in London. Since 2012 I have lived, worked, and raised a family in lovely Prague. For 30 years I was a Senior Finance Manager working for a global corporation. Being a People Manager, getting the best out of people became one of my strengths, so naturally, it led me to teaching. After qualifying, my teaching career started when I worked for Akcent International in Prague. This included teaching in several schools from ages 6 to 15 and Business English to all levels in companies, as well as private lessons.   
Do you wake up every morning and enjoy going to work? I do! In my experience, there is nothing more rewarding than being part of a team that have the same passion, vision, and goals as each other. On top of that, there is nothing more satisfying than when a student knows more leaving my lessons than they did at the start. Through creative, interactive, lively, and fun lessons, my aim is to help students learn and improve their English and to acquire the widest possible knowledge about the world we live in. Altogether, to give them the best foundation possible for their future.

I proudly joined the Royal Primary School during its first year and I am excited to be a part of its continuing growth and development.



Beránková Kamila

Beránková Kamila - Czech teacher for 1.A Grade

I studied primary school teaching and special schools at the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, where I then taught for several years and cooperated with the non-profit organization, People in Need. I expanded my education to study speech therapy. Author and editor for many educational books for younger and elementary students. I have never regretted my decision to become a teacher since graduating. Work has become more of a beloved hobby. Children have always been an endless inspiration for me, whether I taught in excluded localities in Ústí n / L or got to know various pedagogical concepts and ways of working with children. Childish curiosity and a sparkling spirit give me strength and energy to further discover their infinite potential. It’s worth it, because they are the most important people in the world! 

I follow a partnership approach to children using Montessori aids and I emphasize reading comprehension. From the first days of school, I lead children to an active interest in reading books and respect for every page. I teach children respect not only for others, but also for themselves and the world around them. A calm, friendly and considerate atmosphere in the classroom is essential for me. In such an atmosphere, children and work better, discover, and absorb. 

In my free time I relax with all kinds of sports, and I like to return to my native northern Bohemia, where I always recharge myself by looking at the beautiful Bohemian Central Mountains. The alpha and omega for me has always been books – psychology, pedagogy and self-development. The hunger for knowledge has never left me, and I am diligently expanding my library, unless I am struggling with some insidious pest invading my home oasis of greenery. 


Černý Vojtěch

Černý Vojtěch - Czech teacher for 1.B Grade

Although I come from a teaching family, it has been a long journey to work in education. I tried several professions, but the desire to work with children never deserted me. The big challenge for me was working as an Au-pair in Wales. I gained more experience at summer camps, leading a floorball club and at an American summer camp. I’m now ready for the next challenge, at the front of a class. I like it when I can teach children in a fun way and I aim to make the children look forward to school, every day. 

 In my free time I like to play sports, I also travel, and I play board and computer games. 



Oem Haeji

Oem Haeji – (AJ) učitelka pro 1.A a 1.B třídu, EE programme

I’m thrilled to join the English team at the Royal School and looking forward to diving into a new journey. I thrive on guiding my students to reach their potential as I believe each child is unique and special. 

 Studying special education along with English language and literature back in university set the cornerstone of being a teacher with patience.  

Furthermore, my teaching experience in international preschools and public elementary schools influenced me to approach education in a joyful way. 

My motto is learning through play! My lessons are going to be interactive as I wish my students to experience fun during their learning process. Together we will discover many new and interesting things! 



Hana Jelínková učitelka první stupeň

Jelínková Hana - Czech teacher for 2.A Grade

Being a first level teacher, especially for first grades, is not a profession, but a mission! This statement began to make sense to me, especially after studying primary school teaching at the Technical University in Liberec.

I devoted myself to children as a student of the Faculty of Science, Charles University, in the field of biology – geology, where I worked with TEREZA, an organization for ecological education of children and youth, as a leader of hobby groups for children. I continue to lead the circles, especially the research circle, in which children get to know the laws of nature in an entertaining way. To do this, I use acquaintances from the Botanical Garden of Charles University, where I worked part-time for five years while studying, and also from the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, Department of Environmental Protection, where I worked before I entered education environment.

I am glad that I got among a great team that is working together to pass on to the children the best that will suit their lives. Children are prepared here not ordinary, but royally …  😊


Adámková Kristýna učitelka prvního stupně

Adámková Kristýna - Czech teacher for 2.B Grade, Czech for foreigners

In recent years, Kristýna worked as a teacher, as a free time teacher and as a governess in school clubs. She sees her sense of life in her work as a teacher and therefore continues to study at the Charles University.

„Working for the Royal Primary School is a dream come true for me. The dream to realize itself in something that makes sense. It is incredible what wonderful and surprising things children can do, when we adults give them respect, support, tolerance and space for their personalities. And it is exactly the direction this school is taking and the direction I want to take my work with children.“


Kelly Joseph učitel pro základní školu AJ

Kelly Joseph - English teacher for 2.A and 2.B Grade, EE programme

I am always excited to teach students new and exciting information to help them expand their knowledge of the English language, as well as learn about all of the wonderful things our world has to offer. Whether it is learning about science, nature, history, sports, or the arts, I hope to provide a fun and engaging experience for our students and help them discover their passions while at the same time preparing them for the future!


Novák tomáš učitel prvního stupně

Novák Tomáš - Czech teacher for 3rd Grade

During my childhood, I never thought that I would be a teacher when I grow up. Soon after I started professionally training a football team, I realized that working with children is the thing that I most excelled at. I believe that children are our future, and that assisting with their development and providing them with a quality education should be everyone’s top priority.


Buring Andrew učitel základní školy AJ

Buring Andrew - English teacher for 3rd and 4th Grade, EE programme

I joined the school in its second year and am thrilled to help build upon the already solid foundation. I hope to help the school grow in new and exciting ways and pleased to be part of such a unique and wonderful team. During my lessons, my goal is to engage with the students and help them broaden their horizons in fun and inventive ways. Everyone learns in different ways and I strive to ensure that my classroom reflects that. I am hard-working, creative and friendly and I make sure that everyone is welcome in my class.


Ptáčníková Hana

Ptáčníková Hana - Czech teacher for 4th Grade

I was accepated into the team at The Royal Elementary School after a situation where I worked at a state primary school for 3 years and I was looking for more meaning in education that will take into account individuality, offer the best possible quality of teaching in an environment that will be motivating for children. I am therefore excited and honored to join a school and team of people who create such an environment.

I also train children, which I enjoy for two reasons: teaching children new things and discovering and shifting their potential. My goal for children is to have fun while discovering new things and who want to improve further, because like any living organism; ‘ when it doesn’t grow, it weakens‘.


Karlíková Tereza učitelka prvního stupně základní školy

Karlíková Tereza - Czech teacher for 5th Grade, educational consultant

I came to Royal Primary School from the Masaryk University where I studied Primary school education. During my studies I got the opportunity to cooperate with Czech schools abroad where I was working with bilingual children. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to join the Royal Primary School. I believe one of my qualities that is key to this job is that I´m aware of nobody being perfect, yet naturally we all want to be. I listen and look for efficient ways to reach the aim for everything. When I get the time, I love coffee, chilling in cafés, travelling and movies.

Burda David

Burda David – French language teacher

At the Royal Elementary School, I will teach 4th and 5th graders French. I myself am a great enthusiast of foreign languages and my goal is to awaken and develop this enthusiasm and curiosity in others.

In addition to teaching at the shool, studying French plus linguistics and geography at Charles University, I like to spend my time traveling both here and abroad. From my point of view, getting to know foreign regions and studying languages go hand in hand; after all, when going abroad most people try to learn the basics of the local language, but rarely learn a foreign language so as it completely absorbs them.

I am glad to be part of the modern and constantly evolving team at this school and to acquaint children with the beautiful French langauage in a fun and engaging way.

Nováková Adriana

Nováková Adriana - counselor in the field of self-development education for pupils and teachers; mental counselor, school therapist

Although I originally aimed at a career in music, the interest in psychology eventually won. I am completing a master’s degree in Psychology at Charles University in Prague, undergoing psychotherapeutic training in systemic therapy and outside the Royal School I am cooperating with the family counseling center of the Academy of Parenting. In my practice, I work with individuals and groups. I can listen to both adults and children so the school environment is perfect for me. I like to work within the whole system so that everyone feels good in it. I often find that something is not “going” the way people would like, so I always try to help them figure out where it is “going”.

I can be receptive, sensitive, caring and all my work is about respecting others. I think that the key to a good life is freedom, but it can never work without responsibility. 

When Alenka met a bear in the middle of the forest, she asked him where to go next.

“It depends where you want to go,” the bear replied.




Lišková Radka

Lišková Radka – Teacher assistant, After-school club teacher

I have been a dance teacher and coach for most of my life. In recent years, I have been mostly dedicated to modern African dances from Angola, which I also teach and spread to many other countries outside of the Czech Republic. I have taught at many children’s camps and dance camps, and really enjoyed the lessons with the children. They can get so excited about things and give back amazing energy. I am very happy to join the team at the Royal Primary School, and very much looking forward to new experiences and challenges.



Sebroňová Klára

Sebroňová Klára - Teacher assistant, After-school club teacher

I have devoted my entire professional life to working with children. I‘ve had the opportunity to gain experience volunteering in a hospital, in a community center for handicapped children and in a kindergarten for children with combined disabilities.

After finishing a Bachelor’s program in special pedagogy and education, I started work as an assistant teacher and educator at a primary school.

At work, I enjoy being able to help children get to know the world around us through games, reading books, art activities and other hobby type activities. I teach children to solve problems independently, to work in a team, to obtain information and meaningfully connect them.

In my free time I like to visit cafes, practice yoga and I also tap dance in a dance group plus I volunteer activities in a community association.


Jílečková Karolína office manager

Jílečková Karolína - school office manager

„I enthusiastically joined the young team and I am happy to participate in the successful start-up and running of the school in the eyes of parents, children and pupils. My advantages are diligence, diligence and reliability. I am communicative and I enjoy working with people very much. Thanks to my studies at a foreign school, I have no problems communicating in English.“


Purska Svitlana– catering

Procházka Martin – house keeper


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