School Board (council) – basic data

Legislation – Act No. 561/2004 Coll., on pre-school, primary, secondary, higher vocational and other education (Education Act) – Decree No 15/2005 Coll. laying down the formalities of long-term plans and annual reports. School Council – purpose, composition, establishment The school council is a school body which gives certain persons the opportunity to participate in the […]

The Royal Elementary School team

Monika Windsor – School Director, Grade 3A Class teacher, Grade 3A Czech language teacher Monika has years of experience in leading an international private education team. In the past, she participated in the creation and implementation of projects in the field of education. Her task is to co-create a school that children, teachers and other […]

Royal primary school Prague 7 Troja

Czech – English primary school with a dual language teaching program Enrollment in elementary school The project of the bilingual private primary school was founded on the basis of our experience with bilingual education of preschool children at the Royal Kindergarten in Prague Kobylisy. Based on the numerous wishes of the parents of the children […]

Emergency measure of The Ministry of Health to shut down all Czech schools

School advantages foto

On the basis of  The Emergency Measure of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic Ref.No.: MZDR 10676/2020-1/MIN/KAN , the personal presence of pupils and students in basic education was banned with effect from 11 March 2020 until further notice. For this reason, our school is also forced to discontinue the teaching in classrooms […]

School uniforms

Wearing school uniforms is mandatory in our school. There are many reasons for this:pupils feel part of the team and also behave teamwise, the pride of the team they belong to is cultivated in the pupils. The reasons are also aesthetic – it suits the pupils in their uniforms and teaches pupils a certain culture […]


Catering in our elementary school is provided by our supplier BioNea Company, a provider who guarantees quality and balanced nutrition throughout for children in school age. All food is fresh (pepared and delivered on the day).  Catering is designed specifically for children in preschools and elementary schools and in compliance with all health and hygiene […]

School club

If you need it, you can bring your children to school at 7 am or pick them up from school until 6 pm. In the period from 7 am to 6 pm outside the lesson, there is a after-school club, where children continue to learning in a playful way and train their motor skills under […]

Accreditation by the Ministry of Education of Czech Republic

Accreditation and evaluation of teaching quality is very important. The Gatant of Quality of teching in the Czech Republic is the Ministry of Education, which if the school meets the very strict rules for granting accreditation, it will include this school in the Register of Schools and School Facilities and regularly check whether it abstains […]

We are looking for teachers / native speakers

Royal elementary school Troja is constantly looking for native speakers of English, to work in our school.  We are looking for friendly, reliable, caring teachers, with teaching experience, to speak with pupils and prepare activities in English, as well as provide routine childcare throughout the duration of the class. We most often hire new teachers […]

Photos of Czech – English elementary school Prague Troja

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