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Accreditation by the Ministry of Education of Czech Republic

Accreditation and evaluation of teaching quality is very important. The Gatant of Quality of teching in the Czech Republic is the Ministry of Education, which if the school meets the very strict rules for granting accreditation, it will include this school in the Register of Schools and School Facilities and regularly check whether it abstains from the high standards. Enrollment of a school facility into a network of schools approved by the Ministry of Education of Youth and Sports is a rather lengthy process, which at the end guarantees students the same position in the Czech education system as pupils of public schools.

How hard it is to get accreditation

A school facility that wants to be enrolled in the register must have quite strict rules. In particular, the appropriate education of teachers, hygiene and fire regulations, the quality of food and so on. This process takes months and after the accreditation procedure is completed, the school is checked regularly. In case of violation of standards, accreditation is removed from the school.

Advantages of including the school in the school register in the Czech Republic

Our school has undergone this process, so it is registered in the Register of Schools and School Facilities of the Ministry of Education and thus guarantees its pupils that they can continue their education without any need for nostrification of their previous education.