Students profile

Our school focuses on the overall development of the child’s personality, including social, physical, emotional and cultural needs.

Our student:

  • Searches and discovers
  • Is inquisitive, persistent in finding solutions, likes to learn new things
  • Understands things in context, learns to learn
  • Is thinking critically, is motivated to develop himself
  • Is thinking critically, thinking about received information, can see things from diferent perspectives, decides within solving specific problems, makes practical use of knowledge
  • Confidently expresses his thoughts, can listen to others, learns reflection and self-reflection, is not afraid to express the ideas, opinions, attitudes in which she/he believes, finds new solutions and is not afraid to enforce them
  • Can work with mistakes, accepts new and unknown situations confidently
  • Has moral values, is honest, has a sense for fairplay, is caring, sensitive to the needs of others, is empathetic, is open-minded, respects opinions, traditions and values


School uniform

Carrying school uniforms is mandatory in our school. There are many reasons for this: pupils feel part of the team and also behave teamwise, the



From what year of age do you accept children in your primary school?We accept children who have reached 6 years of age before entering 1st


Dual language teaching

Bilingual education is a method of teaching where the student is taught two languages during the same lesson. Dual language teaching combines the official language