The Royal Elementary School team

Mgr. Monika Windsor - Director of the Royal Primary School

Monika has years of experience in leading an international private education team. In the past, she participated in the creation and implementation of projects in the field of education. Her task is to co-create a school that children, teachers and other employees will enjoy. Her philosophy is “open door” for everyone. She is looking forward to leading the team as well as to the teaching itself. She will support any meaningful idea, she will be happy to participate in the preparation of projects for children and parents, she is looking forward to frequent contact with parents.

During her professional practice, she attended a variety of courses and training programs in the areas of communication, negotiation, leadership and team motivation and personnel management. She likes to create something new, and there is the best opportunity among children. They strive to promote children’s natural curiosity and independence because they think that the best life teacher is their own experience. Within her long-term practice she organized charity events, camps, project schools in nature, workshops.

In her free time, she enjoys family (her 3 children), sports such as skiing, snowboarding, MTB cycling and hiking. She likes to read a good book, play a guitar or go to the theater. She enjoys working with a team of motivated employees and professionals.

Completed courses:

  • Summer School of Hajný method teaching of  Mathematics
  • Respect and be respected course
  • First aid course for school children
  • Workshop School by Play – topics for Czech language and mathematics lessons in the first grade
  • Seminar Effective use of interactive whiteboards in primary school education
  • Reading literacy course
  • Workshop Mindfulness Techniques for Teachers
  • Seminar Ideas and activities supporting the development of reading
  • Seminar Prevention of injuries in children of younger and older school age
  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • Personal coaching


Veronika Brandová

Veronika Brandová - teacher for the 1st grade of the Royal Elementary School

Veronika has two years’ experience at elementary school and with years of tutoring outside the school, she has an active interest in modern dance, which she has been teaching since 2012. She is a student of the Prague University of Psychosocial Studies, she is interested about traveling and knowing different cultures. She is participating in contemporary university research.


Luděk Jíra

Luděk Jíra - teacher for the 2nd grade of the Royal Elementary School

Luděk loves teaching in a playful way and he continues to talk about himself:

„I see pupils as equal partners. The message of the school, as I perceive it, is not only to educate children, but also to enable them to feel happy and enjoy school as much as possible when they have to spend so much time in it. “


Marek Šnyrch

Marek Šnyrch Ing. arch. - teacher for the 3rd grade of the Royal Primary School

He studied architecture at the Technical University in Brno. After school he devoted himself mainly to graphics, which is still his great hobby and pedagogical activities.

„I have a patient analytical approach to the teaching and I believe that humor helps solve even the most difficult situations. I want to teach with respect and enthusiasm.“


Patrick Batuzich

Patrick Batuzich - English teacher

Patrick is the native English teacher at Troja Royal primary school teaching English lessons and subjects in English from the first to third grade. He was born in Austin Texas and received his bachelors degree in journalism and communications and his TEFL in the Czech Republic. Patrick has a passion for traveling and gardening and hopes to bring his hobbies and experiences from around the world to help foster a passion for learning in the classroom.  


Kristýna Adámková

Kristýna Adámková - school clubs governess

„Working for the Royal Primary School is a dream come true for me. The dream to realize itself
in something that makes sense. It is incredible what wonderful and surprising things children can do,
when we adults give them respect, support, tolerance and space for their personalities. And it is
exactly the direction this school is taking and the direction I want to take my work with children.“


Karolína Jílečková

Karolína Jílečková - school office

„I enthusiastically joined the young team and I am happy to participate in the successful start-up and running of the school in the eyes of parents, children and pupils. My advantages are diligence, diligence and reliability. I am communicative and I enjoy working with people very much. Thanks to my studies at a foreign school, I have no problems communicating in English.“