KZŠ became a partner of the Kolečko Foundation

As part of the Christmas fair on 7.12. 2022, the partnership between the Royal School and Kolečko Foundation (NFK) was officially announced. NFK deals with the support of the Center for Children`s Traumatology and the prevention of children`s injuries and traffic accidents. Actors Jan Budař and Jana Stryková presented on behalf of the NFK. Our thanks to them, but above all, thanks to the hard work of children and teachers making the very first contribution of Kolečko a success. A total of CZK 70.000,- was collected for a surgical bone drill! The donation was accepted by Prof. MUDr. Petr Havránek, CSc., emeritus head of the Department of Pediatric Traumatology at the Thomayer Hospital on Prague Krč.


Adaptation course

The students of the sixth and seventh grade of our elementary school will go on September 11. – 13/9/2023 for an adaptation course to the


Next open day May 12,2020. The exact time of the visit must be agreed.