The Royal Elementary School builds on the experience and tradition of the Royal kindergarten. More than 450 satisfied children have already attended the kindergarten. These are the references of some of their parents who gave us feedback.

Andy Wrench

A really great nursery. Very clean and well run. Professional staff who really care about the children and their learning environment. My two children have visited a few times now and we have been impressed with the activities and attention to detail. They also enjoyed the food which is refreshing. Good location near to the metro, parking and shops so easy to drop children off and go about your day, safe in the knowledge that they are in good hands, learning and having fun.

Xiao Juan Nguyen

Very friendly and attentive staff. Both children were looking forward to kindergarten and did not want to go home after school.

Kasamira Georgieva

We went through several nursaryes before we found this kindergarten, but all of them were far from the qualities of the Royal kindergarten. Excellent location near Ládví metro, friendly staff, fine dining. We were thrilled.


Open days

Dear Parents, for your numerous wishes to visit our private elementary school, we have prepared open days where you can learn more about the functioning

Nearest open day: 
March 17 th, 2020