School advantages

  • Own educational materials in Czech and English.
  • Low class size.
  • Paired Teaching – Czech and English teachers are teaching together.
  • Math – special teaching materials and methods.
  • Thematic lessons, short and long term projects – project schools in nature. learning in context.
  • Step by Step method – projects, special teaching materials.
  • Communication in Czech and English – bilingual environment.
  • A high-quality team of motivated teachers – we place emphasis on both professional and human quality.
  • The pupil is the center of attention.
  • Modern technology in teaching – interactive whiteboards, tablets, notebooks.
  • Pupils are involved in creating school rules .
  • Outdoor classroom.
  • Partnership school and parents – informal meeting with parents – coffee morning.
  • Multicultural environment.
  • A small school with a good atmosphere – cooperation between classes, many extracurricular activities. School events .


School uniform

Carrying school uniforms is mandatory in our school. There are many reasons for this: pupils feel part of the team and also behave teamwise, the



From what year of age do you accept children in your primary school?We accept children who have reached 6 years of age before entering 1st


Dual language teaching

Bilingual education is a method of teaching where the student is taught two languages during the same lesson. Dual language teaching combines the official language